Addictive Substance Abuse Prevention and Psychotropic Substances

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addictive and psychotropic substances will provide benefits when used for the right purpose, for example, for the purpose of science and health services. In the medical field, for example, one type of drug given to patients suffering from excruciating pain because of an illness or after undergoing an operation. Another example, one type of psychotropic substance given to patients with mental disorders who are raging and can not be appeased with another caracara. If the use of addictive and psychotropic substances are used outside of the right purpose, it has included abuse and its prevention should be pursued.

Psychotropic substance abuse addictive and very dangerous to self, family, and social life all around us. The negative impact of the use of addictive substances and psychotropic substances to himself, namely the destruction of nerve cells, causing dependence, changes in behavior, and cause disease (heart, stomach ulcers and liver, pancreas damage, and the risk of HIV-positive). At appropriate doses will not result in death.
In social life, the abuse of addictive and psychotropic substance use, among them: often making a scene or a fight (eg, student fights), crime (theft and rape), accidents, the onset of problems in the family, and disturbing public order.

Diwarta – Cross post

We all must strive to avoid the abuse of addictive and psychotropic substances. Prevention of addictive and psychotropic substance abuse requires a shared role between family, community, and government.
a. The Role of Family Members
Each family member should look after each other not to get family members involved in the abuse of addictive and psychotropic substances. Among teenagers was the largest group who abuse these substances. Therefore, every parent has the responsibility of guiding their children in order to become a human being devoted to God. Because devotion is what will be a powerful shield to shield children from abusing drugs and bad influences that may come from outside the home environment.

b. Role of Community Members
We as a society need to encourage greater knowledge of each member of the public about the dangers of drugs abuse. In addition, we as a society need to give information to the authorities if there are users and drug dealers in your neighborhood.

c. Role of the School
Schools need to provide sufficient insight to
the students about the dangers of addictive and psychotropic substance abuse to self, family, and others. In addition, schools need to encourage each student to report on the school if there are users or dealers addictive and psychotropic substances in the school environment. Schools need to provide an educational sanction for any student who proved to be user or drug dealer.

d. Role of Government
Government acts to prevent the abuse of narcotics and psychotropic substances by issuing the rule of law is clear and unequivocal. In addition, each abusers, dealers, suppliers, importers, manufacturers, and drug store needs to be sanctions or penalties that make deterrent effect for the perpetrators and prevent the others from the same error.


* Based on the function, the chemicals in the home can be grouped, in which a cleaning agent, bleach, deodorizer, and disinfectant. In addition, there are also other groups of chemicals, namely food additives such as colorings, flavorings, sweeteners, and preservatives.
* Based on the source, there is a natural additive that there are also synthetic. Chemicals are used only for the purpose of development of science and in health, a group of chemicals called addictive and psychotropic substances.
* Addictive and psychotropic substances should be used in accordance with the rules. If not, will give a bad impact, both for oneself and the surrounding social environment.

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