it’s been a long day….

well yeah it’s almost 4 years i’ve never look at this blog or uploading something. i have no idea and i have no time for that haha. or honestly i just.. i don’t know. it’s very complicated to tell. now i’m in 3rd year. that’s mean i will graduate next year in june (maybe). and i’m still confused about which college should i get in?pfftt…it’s kinda driving me crazy ya know -_-

i wanna be a chef but in the other side said i want to be a teacher and the other one (?) said i must like my mother. i just feel like i have a bipolar disorder -_-. of course not you dumbass!i’m normal -_-. well not normal at all because i love 2D boy hahaha. JK. just the effect of being single for a long time haha. yeah it doesn’ matter being single or not, but i should make my parents proud. yeah it’s kinda hard. my older sister was failed. okay..not failed at all but,yeah you know what i mean. and as the youngest kid,i’m like the last hope of my parents. they depend on me. it’s hard…very,very,very hard. i just wanna crying right a baby. okay stop it.hfftt i just have no idea so i post these hahaha bye ^^


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