how my family react to anime

well,yeah. hello from the other side (?). so today i want to talk about how my family react to anime

well, i’m an otaku. u know people who like anime or something like that. it’s just for entertaining me after a long hard day and passed my school day. but well,my mom it’s always had a negative thingking about anime. she said that anime it’s just a movie that just a child would watch that. okay,not all anime it’s for a child. she always told me that anime have a side effect for my future. like she always saying “your grade will bad”or something like that. i don’t know why she hates anime so much. i know,i know she’s worried about me. but you react too much,mom. well,my grade isn’t bad. i’m still stand on the 2nd places in my class.should i always learn in every single day including the weekend?is that not ebough for you i learn at school 8 and half hour,5 days a week?. come on,i’m not a robot,i’m human. of course i need refreshing after a long hard day. my 3th sister always said to me that i’m weird because i’m watch anime.  i never complaining about u watch that turkish or india drama. why u always complaining about me watching an anime?what is wrong with that?. i like everything about japan but it doesn’t mean that i’m not like anything in indonesia. my mom always told me that i’m anti social. no,i’m not anti social. if i’m anti social why i have so much friend?or just because i never watch television with u?how i can watch television if i’m not like anything in the television?how can i watch the television if every single damn time u always mock me?like “look at that fat girl,is look like you,isn’t it?”i know,iknow u will say “it’s just a joke,what’s wrong with that?” or “u’re to sensitive”. i’m. it’s just….. please some word may hurt the other feeling. just remember what i say. i can’t barely understand why my mom always say anime it’s have a lot of side effect for the future. i’m not saying anime it’s good for u’r future. no. but c’mon,i never get addicted,mom. i can see the different between the illusion and the real life. like i’m saying,anime just for entertaining me after a long hard day. what is wrong with that?ughh. it’s just suck. thanks for listening and watching haha


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