my feeling right now

we meet again!!ok i know you’re not happy with that. that doesn’t matter. well yeah,i’ve through the national examination and the graduation ceremony held on 12th may. it’s kinda sad. not meet my friends anymore. we will be in the different city. i;m not happy with that. but that’s life. you know i want to tell you something. i have this feeling. to someone. it’s been 3 years since i like this boy. well yeah i don’t know how to say it. but i have a plan that after the graduation ceremony i will say it. if that didn’t work the plan B is i will say “april mop!”. plan C i will cut his head wks. so i just finished watching “sakurasou na pet no kanojo”. that’s anime. but that’s cool. at the end of the episode i’m crying. why?because the theme it’s about graduate. pfft i’m jut remember that i will graduate next month. T^T. will mis you guys.




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